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Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 into a poor and undistinguished family of African-Americans Joseph and Katherine Jackson, in the town of Gary, Indiana. He was the seventh child in the family, in a small house - so small that it looked like a garage. The family barely making ends meet, but thanks to Michael's mother Katherine - a devout follower of the Jehovah's Witnesses - children grow up in an atmosphere of strict rules, and the house as much as possible to keep in order. Children from infancy were trained to take care of themselves. And he fully realized his idea. Anyone who remembers the little Michael, in one voice says that his talent was visible at once.

He became a superstar at age 11 and thus grew up in a single actor in the history of music, which as an adult, not only has not lost the love of spectator, but multiplied many times and the success of their childhood.

In the US, there are fans of Michael Jackson, who are older than him. They are the ones who found the resounding victory of the "Jackson Five". All of America fell in love with these boys. In attendance "Jackson Five" concerts beat records of The Beatles. They were the heroes of the young audience, and they began hunting paparazzi.

In his book titled "Moonwalk ™," he said about his first speech at a school concert: he sang the song “Climb every mountain” from "The Sound of Music." "The response of the audience was awesome. Hall burst into applause, people were smiling, and some stood up. Teachers were crying. It gave them all the happiness. It was such a wonderful feeling.’’

Michael solo career began when he was 21. He gave up his father's service as a manager, broke a contract with him and took control of his creative destiny into his own hands. His first solo album, Off The Wall, which consisted of songs popular when disco came out in 1979 and had a phenomenal success - much more than the work of Michael and his brothers, released shortly before. This CD has been recognized at the time the most successful album of the black artist in history. Many music critics, especially in America, still consider it the pinnacle of creativity of Michael Jackson.

However, Michael himself was not satisfied. The album was marked by a string of awards, but did not receive the most influential music industry awards - Grammy "Album of the Year." "I felt that my colleagues ignored, and it was painful," - said Michael. He wrote in his autobiography. - I was only thinking about the next album, and how it will create. I wanted to make it really great. " His next album was the greatest achievement in the history of modern recording. Thriller album was a success, which is virtually impossible to replicate. The best-selling album and also Guinness Book record holder. The album took seven Grammy Awards at a ceremony in 1984, including the award for "Album of the Year”.

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