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Life is like a puzzle. Every Made up of a massive multitude of small pieces - things can seem disorganized. Things can seem chaotic. It can be overwhelming to look at a pile of seemingly scattered and randomized bits and pieces while trying to see the big picture. This chaos can be corrected, but you must begin one step at a time - patiently picking up each piece and setting it aside until the picture begins to come into focus. Finding those pieces and putting them together the right way only seems impossible when you think of it all at once.

However, often in life, some of these pieces get lost. Some of these pieces get "swept under the rug" or tucked into a "pocket", never to be seen again. When some of these pieces get lost (or we can't find the right place or time for those pieces), we can have the tendency to just give up - and to walk away.

In these crucial do-or-die moments, we sometimes must make decisions. When our thinking gets clouded with doubt, regret, worries, anxiety or fear - we need someone to turn to. Decision making can be difficult without a helping hand (or a shoulder to cry on) available to you. Not every person has the fortune of family, friends or available help to them. We all need a support outreach system! This is where the Never Give Up Project comes in.

Project Never Give Up is a global initiative created with the sole purpose of spreading messages of hope to people all over the world. Our desire to spread happiness, problem-solving and enlightenment comes from personal experience. We've all faced difficult challenges in our daily lives - sometimes even traumatically. We want to help enlighten those in need, whatever the circumstance may be, that they should never give up - there is positivity all around if it's allowed to be received! Through our combined life experience, we can help share with one another how to overcome life's seemingly random challenges so we can finally start making sense of our puzzle!

With this project we want to give the message of hope and reason to every individual in the world. To every man, woman and child (or every race, color and creed) in need of uplifting, we want to be there. We want to collect inspiring, motivational stories from people all over the globe (facing similar problems in their respective lives) and the process of how they overcame it. Whether their ailments are related to their career, health, relationships, families, money or anything else - those facing difficult challenges all share a common bond. We believe man is inherently good by nature - and we can all benefit from one another. To live is to love and to love is to spread wisdom. Collectively, we can all make sense of this strange ride we're all on - and to help us navigate through the complicated highway we all have ahead of us.

We would be very glad to hear your story. If you would like to share your story (story or a poem) with us, please fill in the form below and share your story with us.

For more information feel free to contact us by sending an email at , or by filling the form here.

Mohit Goel

(Project Head)

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