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An Inspirational Story of Sylvester Stallone; from Rags to Riches

Updated: Apr 22

Factually speaking, there can never be another Sylvester Stallone. He is one of the most famous and biggest movie actors ever to grace Hollywood. Onscreen, Stallone played the role of characters who struggled to make it; this resembled his own life.

Early Life Struggle Back then, Sylvester was an actor who was struggling in everything that, at one point, he was so broke that he sold jewellery that he had stolen from his wife. For three days, Stallone sought refuge at the New York bus station as he had been rendered homeless. At his lowest, Stallone tried selling off his dog to a stranger at a liquor store. He sold the dog for $25 as he wasn’t able to feed it any longer. Stallone had to drop out of school to build a career for himself in acting. This time he did all kinds of jobs to keep him up and to run. Some of the jobs he did include cleaning lion cages and working as an usher at the cinema halls.

Beginning of New Journey ‘ROCKY’

He saw a boxing match that involved chuck Wepner and Mohammed Ali; this match gave him the needed inspiration to write a script, the prominent movie Rocky. It took him a whole 20 hours to come up with the script. He got an offer of $125000 after trying to sell off the script, but he had one request before he could relinquish it. He fancied being the star in the movie, but the studio declined his request stating that they wanted a real star. After numerous attempts to buy the script, even increasing their offer to $350000, which Stallone declined, the studio finally agreed to his request and gave him the leading role in the movie on top of $35000. Since then, the rest, as they say, has become History. The movie won awards after awards from the best picture to best directing. Individually Stallone was selected for the best actor nomination. Since then, the movie Rocky has been inducted into the film registry as one of the best movies ever acted. The first thing He bought with the money he was given was the dog he loved so much. At the liquor store, Stallone waited for the man to whom he had sold the dog for three days. Believe it or not, the dog he had sold for a mere $25 was now worth $15000. Stallone paid the man, and he got his dog back. Today, Stallone, who at one time slept in the streets and had to sell his dog, is one of the greatest ever actors the world has known. Being broke is bad that you may not be able to implement the wonderful dreams you have.

Never Give Up

Life is really tough. You will get opportunities, but they will all pass you by because you are not rich, connected, or famous. You may have products to offer people, but they will want them and not you. The doors to glory will be closed as people will try stealing your road to glory and crush any hope that you may have. You will try to push, but nothing will go your way. Yes, you may find yourself doing odd jobs so you can survive. You may be unable to have clothing, shelter, and food but never let anyone crush your dreams no matter what happens to you. Just keep on with the dream even when your hopes are crushed; continue dreaming; they may turn you away but never stop dreaming. You are the one who knows what you are capable of: You may be judged by what is in your possession or how you look, but it’s essential never to give up. Keep on fighting to believe that your day will come; fight for yourself and your history. It would be best if you did not dare to give up.

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