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At "Project Never Give Up," we believe in empowering our community with resources that supplement their journey to a resilient life. In this section, you will find a curated collection of books, multimedia materials, and more, each designed to provide you with the knowledge, insights, and inspiration to forge ahead on your path to resilience.


Discover a hand-picked selection of books that resonate with the theme of resilience and perseverance. Our collection ranges from autobiographies of notable personalities to self-help books that guide you in fostering a resilient mindset. Dive deep into the world of literature that empowers and inspires.

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Explore a rich array of multimedia resources, including podcasts, videos, and documentaries that portray stories of resilience from different perspectives. Whether it's a motivational talk or a documentary depicting a remarkable journey, our multimedia section is designed to provide you with a diverse range of content that fuels your spirit to never give up.

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