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Wait For The Destiny

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Alina are you crazy? You want to marry him? The boy who merely earns the money you spend alone in the whole month. Do you know that how life is going to be for you? You will get the lesson soon… She blocked the way of Zoes lesson towards her brain and grabbed all the dist out of her head and said “Zoes I know he will make me proud one day.” Alina loves her partner at work, Jaez belong to a middle class family background, and he was also the engineer with the same specialization as Alina. They fell in love and after Alina’s struggle she was able to recon her family for their wedding on the condition that they will peruse their studies before wedding. After completing specialization they will be married. Both of them agreed. Alina moved to Sydney while Jaez stayed in France and remained focused throughout this whole period.

They usually started debating about the future they would have together. Alina suddenly seemed tensed from the life she will have with Jaez, as she was not getting her own place to live, Jaez was still living with his parents; he was not having any balance in his account. This disturbing fact forced her to leave Jaez in the middle of nowhere.

She moved forward in her life. She got better job, later she was married to one of the renowned businessman of town. She never turned around to think about the guy she left with nothing in his life. She was effectively participating in the business with her husband. She was on the table of agreement waiting for the owner of the company to accept her proposal. Owner of the company was late due to the poor health condition of her mother. After waiting for three hours, while she was picking her bag from the chair, she heard the sound of boots and settled down at her place. “Good After Noon, Sorry that it was an extremely long time to wait for”. She turned around to look at the person whose voice was pretty familiar. It was him “Jaez” she could only say this. “Hi miss Alina! It’s me Jaez, I got you papers signed with me. Your company is awarded with this project. We are hopeful to get good outcome”. She felt the office saying him good bye in a frozen pitch.

He Jaez Jackson accepted his defeat and shifted his focus towards the fact which forced her to kick him back from her life. And today he was at the position she wanted him to be. Only difference is this that she was on the other side of the table, not with him through the ups and downs of the way towards destiny, to grab his hand to encourage him through the way.

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