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Determination Pays

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

The story of a boy who against all odds went to school Ese Sunday

This is a story of a boy Ese Sunday, who became the first graduate of his family by his determination for a better life and because he needed to be different.

Ese is a son of a local electrician in our neighborhood, he religiously followed his father to everywhere as the father was called to fix the electrical installations issues and get paid. The father was into house wiring, maintenance of lines and installations of some electrical components in the little community where he lived. Ese's father was known as the ELECTRICIAN while Ese himself was popularly referred to as the ELECTRICIAN SON because he would follow his father everywhere and that is how Ese learnt how to do wire installations and fixing of electrical components as a little and he grew with the trade he learnt from his father. The money they got from their electrical installation was not enough to pay for block house so they stayed in a house made with zinc in one deserted area. Kids around that neighborhood use to call the house zinc estate because in that area where they lived, all the houses there were made of zinc.

Ese's mum died very early while he was just a very little boy, so she was not really part of Ese's formation years in life. So one cannot really he missed his mum but he had his father with him all through to guide him and his siblings and they all stayed inside the small zinc house. None of his siblings went to the higher institution because there was not enough money so his siblings grew up and got married without getting a quality education.

As was the normal thing to do, every child in our community attends the local community school. Our community school chairs and desk was not enough to accommodate every child so it was first come first served. The classes were not even big enough for every student to sit so we had students that perpetually stayed outside and received their lectures by peeping from the window.

Ese was a brilliant student while in secondary school this was where I met him. He became the mathematics club president by virtue of his brilliance and leadership qualities embedded in him.

When he was done with secondary school there was no money to send him to the higher institution so he focused in the trade he only knew to do and saved from the profit he makes and after two years he has saved enough to start to enroll and pay for his tertiary schools and to buy books also.

He finally gained admission into Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi in the Edo state of Nigeria where he studied Electrical Engineering and only just graduated with an upper credit.

Ese would fix students electrical installation issues while in school to save money for his education, and when schools are on holidays he would work even harder to save some more.

During the first year of his Higher National Diploma (HND), he contested for the position of the president for the school of Engineering which he won and was nicked named ORIENTATION.

Today, Ese Sunday stands a graduate and holds an HND in Electrical/Electronics Engineer.

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