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Story Of An Office Boy

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

He was himself While looking at the screen constantly. Is it really “Sami Suleiman”? Is it really my name? He checked the details again and again. “Yes, it’s me. I did it.” There was a sudden flashback which took up him far beyond the present; Me Sami Suleiman, what I am? Just an office boy. And what will I be in the future years? An office boy? No! This is not me. I can’t let it be my destiny. He kicked the stone while walking on the road, on his way back home.

He gave himself another chance and bought books. While standing at the book shop he was holding a pen in his hand and thinking that there was a time when he did not have the money to buy the pen to do his exam. He put his all stuff in the shopping bag and walked out of the shop after paying his bill. His struggle and hard work caused problems for him. His job routine did not allow him to open the book and read a single word out of it. But there is always a way if you truly try to find it. He started to spend his free time in front of the computer or he used to grab a newspaper and stared for hours. The office staff thought he might be crazy while doing such activities. Time elapsed and there was a day when office staff was looking for a person to serve tea, coffee or some were waiting for the newspaper. But he was not there. This was something that never happened in the past many years. Boss was angry but still worried about him.

And then he entered the door, with his trademark smile on his face and with a box in his hand. He put the box on the table and started his job. After serving tea and coffee to the others who finally felt relieved and started their routine tasks, he grabbed the newspaper to the President’s cabin and opened the box in front of him “Sir! I have cleared CSS and from next week I am supposed to join as a CSS-officer. Do you accept my resignation?” Boss

looked him with an expression that was hard to perceive and the next moment his embrace him and said. “You are truly remarkable! You did that which nobody can even imagine. “

And there was praise and happiness for him on every face, which was the reward of the struggle he did.

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